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Bio Peptide is a good producer of IGF-LR3. This is a hormone that is manufactured in the liver and called   endocrine hormone. IGF-LR3 is a recombinant human polypeptide sequence that consist of 83 amino acids. It is similar of human IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor) replacing the chain Glu (E), the Arg (R) at position three. This simulation was created with a clear objective to increase biological activities. IGF-1 LR3 is considerably more effective than IGF-1. 

IGF-1 is a growth factor like insulin. It is a natural ingredient that is produced in the human body. This hormone reaches the highest level in puberty.  Its responsiblility makes sure for the natural growth of muscles that occurs over the years of adolescence. Moreover, hypertrophy of muscle IGF-1 has one remarkable feature that is the muscle fibre hyperplasia ability.  Word hyperplasia represents a rise in body overabundance of individual cells. This is a unique feature to can help you get extremely large muscles.

The ingredient of IGF-LR3 1mg BIO PEPTIDE contains of IGF-1 LR 3.

The production level of IGF-LR3 depends on the amount of hormone. It is rasied in the presence of growth hormone. The bodybuilders and the athletes is similar this hormone very much. There are some reasons to explain why to have the similarity so much? They use the fat from the body to generate energy and this help to lose the fat of the body. It also works as an anti aging agent. The production of IGF-1 slows down when we start to age. When we age, our body becomes to hear fails, muscle tissue breaking down and brain failure. So IGF-1 LR3 also helps in protein synthesis. The growth of muscle will be clearly seen by using this medicine. It is always solid muscle. If steroid is used to grow your muscle, then the existing muscle cells will increase. But if you use this hormone then the number of cells in the muscle tissue will rise Therefore your muscle density will be great and grow genetically stronger and fitter.

Side effets
Common reported side effects of drugs

  • Potential hypoglycemia with the higher dosages (although unlikely at normal dosages).
  • Rare reported side effects of drugs
  • Cancer 
  • Increase tumor size in cancer patients.
  • Enlargement of intestinal organs

Dosage of IGF-LR3
The initinal staring dosage should be 20-40 mcg. The safe and optimal dose of IGF-1 LR3 is 20-50 mcg daily. The higher doses may be used, though you risk decrease in sensitivity of IGF-1 receptors. Therefore, the length course should be four weeks but you can go up to 50 days off. Features of IGF-1 LR3's are ideal if we combinate with the AS (anabolic steroids), and also in the PCT (period from the completion of the use of steroid to start the cycle, own production of testosterone and growth hormone).

Where to buy IGF LR3 1mg by BIO PEPTIDE
Nowadays, it is too easy for customers to buy IGF LR3 1mg BIO PEPTIDE through the internet. You can access into the webpage to buy online, it is very fast and convenient.

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