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Cjc-1295 5mg by Bio Peptide, a kind of hormone which is a long acting growth hormone and releases hormones (GHRH) analog. Due to its capacity for retaining in the body for longer period of time, Cjc-1295 5mg also increases the production of Growth hormone many times in a day even with a single dosage.

The big advantage of this drug which most bodybuilders and athletes commonly take is the ability to contribute to gain in lean muscle mass, hard look and strength growth. Other so important effects of Cjc-1295 5mg are boost recovery from injuries, increases bone density, reduce aging factors like skin wrinkles, promote cell growth.

This hormone is a peptide, not a steroid, it is considered to be relatively safe because it has very less side effects. 

Chemical name: Sodium (S)-2-amino-3-[4-(4-hydroxy-3-iodophenoxy)-3,5-diiodophenyl]propanoate

For medical inspection, although it requires the less frequent dosing compared to standards GH injections, Cjc-1295 5mg produces the therapeutic effect which stimulates levels of growth hormone and, simultaneously, this drug results in increased IGF-1 levels. 

One of its considerable benefits is that this drug does not cause high raise in prolactin level which effects adversely on man. The excessive level of prolactin may lead to some problems in mental health.
Despite its slow work Cjc-1295, Cjc-1295 5mg is quite steady for a longer time than others. Therefore, this drug is usable in term of the growth hormone production. And, it is overall effects regardless of the gender. For women, particularly because they do not tolerate the use of other strong drugs, Cjc-1295 5mg is really a wise choice for them. Aside from these great effects, Cjc-1295 5mg also has the synergistic ability such as metabolizing fats by induces lipolysis, making the recovery from injuries, gaining in bone growth, slowing the aging process.  

For bodybuilding purpose, the administration of Cjc-1295 5mg used by professional body builders to burn off excess fat accumulated in the body.

Last but not least, to get the full effects of Cjc-1295 5mg, the combination with a GHRP, a nutritious diet and have a proper exercise regime are considered to be the best ways. The compound of Cjc-1295 5mg and steroid hormones particularly is useful for proteins enhancement which helps obtain a rapid muscle growth.

Side effects: 
Common side effects of Cjc-1295 5mg by Bio Peptide

  • Numb hands and fingers 
  • Light pain in the joints 
  • General weakness

Rare side effects of Cjc-1295 5mg by Bio Peptide

  • Pain from nerve compression  
  • Excessive water retention
  • Reduced insulin sensitivity 
  • Low blood sugar

Dosages of Cjc-1295 5mg by Bio Peptide:

The dosage of Cjc-1295 5mg you should take is 1000mcg every three days in a week. In half of a year, the duration should extend for 2 months. Doctors advised users to combine Cjc-1295 5mg  with GHRP 6, CJC-1295 to get its best results.

Where to buy Cjc-1295 5mg by Bio Peptide

The use of Cjc-1295 5mg among athletes and bodybuilders are favorable more and more. Thus, there is the variety of suppliers supplying Cjc-1295 5mg. In particular, this today tendency is buying online due to its convenience. We also an online supplier selling numerous useful drugs which most athletes and body use. Now, you can purchase online in our site to get this injectable peptide if you want to increase the growth hormone production in order treat involved in hormone problems.

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